Are you planning a vacation this summer (or any other time)? If you’re going to be away from your house for any period of time, it’s important to take a few simple steps to safeguard your house – and your belongings – while you’re gone. Here is a checklist we’ve created to help make sure your house is as safe as possible while you’re gone.

    Put mail on hold with the Post Officer

    Check on subscription deliveries to ensure packages won’t sit out

⃝    Put at least 1 light inside the house on a timer

⃝    Leave a spare key with a trusted friend or neighbor

⃝    Leave blinds as your normally do

⃝    Hide or lock away valuables

⃝    Raise A/C to 85-90 or turn it off

⃝    Turn off water valves to dishwasher, shower, sink and washing machine

⃝    Put water heater in vacation mode

⃝    Check to make sure fire alarms are working properly

⃝    Set alarm

⃝    Lock doors and windows


Taking a few extra precautions will help you rest easy on your trip. Wherever you’re going – have fun!